SG Obras was founded in October 2006 by the professional experience of its predecessor with more than 35 years experience in the sector.

This company has been granted paramount importance to the technical component of all jobs, so we have permanently arranged a highly solvent team capable of assimilating the experience of the society and to take advantage of the service provided to our customers.

Compliance with the requirements of safety and quality in our company has always been important, and nowadays it continuous being so important.

In this company we work for the welfare of people, above all, they want a nice place to live, tailored to the specific needs and where they can feel comfortable. Our goal is to keep improving to meet the demands of our customers.

The building and its different applications are some examples which best show the quality of life and the level of development achieved by the society. For this reason, it is an industry that should serve the community by respecting and improving the environment in which it is developed, ensuring the safety and welfare of people.

The firmness and consistency in our policy work has enabled us to achieve recognition of our business and renew the confidence of our customers.